In July, the work of the StaFi team was in great progress. We have published the latest statistics for rToken App to the community, such as TVL, trading volume and other important data. rSOL and rMATIC APP have been developed and tested, and now we are ready to release them. rFIS V2 and Reward Record were also launched and they will bring a better UI/UX to rToken users. Besides, rETH App mobile has been integrated into imToken wallet. As for the security, we cooperate with Tidal to open the insurance pool for StaFi rETH and rBridge contracts.

The following are…

Hi community, we are glad to announce that we have opened an insurance pool for StaFi’s rETH App and rBridges contracts on Tidal’s insurance platform. And the insurance pool is live now, so everyone could deposit USDC to cover for StaFi.

Tidal is the first multi-chain flexible insurance platform, providing coverage plans directly to other protocol teams, and the first insurance solution to launch on Polygon.

How to Participate

If you are looking for high yield products and confident with low default (hack) risk for StaFi’s rETH App and rBridges contracts, you could stake the stable coin (USDC) on the Tidal platform and…

In July 2021, StaFi was honored to win the Grant from Polygon foundation, the first well-structured and easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. This fund will be used for the research and development of rMATIC, the Polygon network liquidity staking solution provided by StaFi. Moreover, Polygon foundation will also give the technique and adoption support for rMATIC. Thanks for Polygon’s recognition for StaFi and rMATIC.

rMATIC is a liquidity solution to solve the Polygon mainnet token MATIC staking. The users could stake MATIC token through StaFi rMATIC to get rMATIC token which is help a synthetic staking derivative…

rETH Released on imToken

In order to provide the safe, convenient and reliable ETH2.0 staking service for the community, StaFi rETH mobile has been launched on imToken wallet. At the same time, StaFi and imToken will jointly launch a StakingDrop campaign to encourage more ETH holders to participate in ETH2.0 Staking.

From July 22, 2021 to August 20, 2021(UTC), the users who stake ETH through the rETH mobile on imToken wallet could share the FIS token rewards pool the worth of $100,000 USDT, based on the amount of staked ETH. The rewards will be distributed in the form of ERC20 FIS token.

The Significance of Releasing on imToken

Compared with…

Yesterday, we were honored to be invited by Cryptocito to share rATOM — the liquidity staking solution for Cosmos. Liam, StaFi CEO, introduced ATOM staking derivative, Polkadot’s Substrate framework, Cosmos ecosystem partnerships and so on to Cryptocito community.

The full video content is organized below:

1.Context on the background of the founders and the team?

Liam: Hi This is Liam, I am the co-founder of StaFi Protocol. StaFi protocol is a DeFi protocol that unlocks the liquidity of staked assets. Most of the team members behind the protocol are devs, we are a heavy-tech team and more focus on the development of staking derivatives. I used to work as…

Over the last three months we have had a string of successful milestones for StaFi. The list includes rDOT, rKSM and rATOM being made publicly accessible, as well as the evolution of rETH from V1.0 to V2.0. StaFi developers have designed a general solution base layer for three of the newly-born rTokens, which has made it possible for StaFi to deploy rToken Solution to various projects based on Cosmos SDK and Substrate.

The StaFi team is rather excited about the general solution base layer which drastically enhances the scalability of Staking Derivatives. Moreover, with the general solution, StaFi is now…

Up to now, StaFi has launched five rTokens, including rFIS, rETH, rDOT, rKSM and rATOM. In June, the UI/UX optimization of rToken App was also carried out one after another. The rETH v2.0 was deployed on the mainnet, and the optimization of rFIS App v2.0 is in progress. In terms of community work, StaFi Warriors still carried most of the marketing work. At the same time, we also cooperated with Polkalokr and Coinswap to gradually expand the application of rToken and enrich the ecosystem of rToken.

The following are details of the general progress in June.

Technical Update

1.rToken Analytics Dashboard

On June 18th, StaFi…

StaFi and Coinswap have teamed up to make their networks and assets more fully compatible with each other. StaFi and Coinswap will work together to introduce the brand-new asset rATOM token, the staking derivative of ATOM, into Coinswap, and launch related co-incentive programs for the liquidity providers.

Coinswap is the cross-chain AMM DEX created by the core development team of IRISnet. Coinswap module is the first AMM module in the Cosmos ecosystem. Coinswap app launched this year has the unique ability to support multiple “coins” and cross-chain protocols (e.g. IBC) and be combined with functions like NFT and oracle.


On June 10, StaFi invited Nishanth, the COO of Unmarshal to the StaFi community to talk about the latest development of Unmarshal and cooperation between Unmarshal and StaFi.

The full Recap content is organized below.

1.Can you briefly describe what Unmarshal is?

Nishanth: Unmarshal is a multi-chain DeFi data network. We index, decode and serve data from multiple blockchain in multiple formats.

We identify DeFi objects such as tokens, Protocols, Price stores, Wallets etc and build customized End Points on top of it and serve data in multiple formats like APIs, push notifications, Websockets to name a few.

Technically, “Unmarshal” refers to “to decode”. We convert the…

In 2021 May, StaFi achieved several milestones in rToken’s adoption and integration. rATOM App was launched on mainnet after multi-party testing. And StaFi also reached a cooperation with WrapFi, a professional DEX that focuses on interest-bearing assets. WrapFi has integrated StaFi rToken (rETH/rFIS/rDOT/rKSM/rATOM) as the first batch of assets in Genesis Fair Launch. In addition, the StaFi team has also made significant progress in DeFi integration for rToken. rETH/ETH is successfully listed on Curve and has opened the vault for crvRETH tokens, which is the deposit voucher token of rETH/ETH pool on Curve.

The following are details of the…


StaFi_Protocol A Decentralize Protocol to Provide the liquidity of Your Staking Assets

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